Stuff I Love: Blogstomp!

I’ll admit, not too long ago, I was THAT person… the person who would literally drag and drop my logo onto each and every photo before publishing on the web.  I would labor over the exact position of the logo, the sizing, the logo-to-photo ratio, the color!!  Oye!!  Little did I know that there are magical solutions to such woes.  Earlier this year I discovered the most amazing Photoshop action tool possible, and now, I simply CANNOT live without Blogstomp.  Hello!!  Where have you been all my blogging life?!  Blogstomp is a simple, one-click Photoshop action to make your photos blog-ready… and it’s ridiculously easy to use!  With (literally) one click, Blogstomp resizes, borders, sharpens, and saves as a new file with your logo on the image.  It’s totally customizable in terms of photo size, logo location, borders, etc!!   Blogstomp has saved me countless hours of work over the past year, and when you’re running your own business, you know how much each minute counts.

Here’s a look at just some of the different ways you can very quickly use Blogstomp to watermark images with just one easy click.  I generally tend to favor 2 basic types of photo layouts: the Solo Horizontal (below), or the Duo Vertical (below, below)!!  This is just my preference.  When it comes to my blog, I like to keep it clean, neat and consistent.  So I don’t generally mess around with too many different layout options, but the additional options CAN be great when trying to put together a collage or submitting photos for online publication.

Below is the Solo Horizontal format: quick and simple… just 1 photo, set horizontally, with logo on bottom-right.

Here’s a look at the Duo Vertical: 2 images side-by-side, composed as 1 single photo (in terms of bordering), with logo on bottom-right.

I don’t generally use the Solo Vertical format shown below too often, but it can be a great option if you really want a single vertical image to stand out on its own.  I generally tend to prefer putting 2 vertical images side-by-side so they can be seen on any computer screen easily without having to scroll to view the entire image.  Just a little something that helps to maintain reader interest.

Below is a 3-image collage.  It’s a combination of a Duo Vertical (on bottom half of image), and a Duo Horizontal (since the layout is stacked as well).  Again, I wouldn’t normally use something like on my blog per se, but it’s a great option when trying to combine multiple images for a collage or online submission.

Hope this helps.  Happy Thursday!!

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September 16, 2010 - 10:36 am Amie - definitely going to check this out!

September 16, 2010 - 12:17 pm Debbie - Genious! I was wondering how you got everything to look so uniform on the blog! I thought it was your mad photoshop skills and uncanning precision logo placement ;-) Thanks for the tip!!!

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